Bi-Weekly S(entinel) A(kash) O(smosis) News Source June 15th — July 1st

Since our last update, we have joined two new validator ecosystems, Osmosis and Sentinel (DVPN).

We believe that osmosis will continue to grow and fulfill the important role of giving individuals an IBC enabled DEX. We’ve already seen an astonishing volume increase across the board, and near 9 figures in TVL for liquidity in less than 2 weeks. Restricted residents finally have access to digital assets that they haven’t had before. Also, the opportunity for users to provide liquidity adds a second option to staking, as an alternative way to yield from their investment if the relative demand continues.

Additionally, Sentinel (DVPN) is crucial to our Web 3.0 investment thesis. The VPN industry as a whole is growing fast, and it’s no longer just for hackers hiding out in their mom’s basement. Large institutions are even using VPN’s in their business practices in order to protect their data. Sentinel isn’t just any other VPN service either, they have returned the power to the people, by allowing individuals to host there own VPN service residentially. This is important for many reasons, as many websites and entities have recently began blocking users connected to popular VPN data centers. Further more, it gives users another opportunity to generate income on their existing internet connection. We were able to connect with the sentinel team and brainstorm how we can provide additional value to the validator ecosystem, and have some great ideas in the pipeline. Starting this month, we will be including Sentinel giveaways in our monthly Full Moon giveaway. Details on entry and participation will be announced on twitter and discord within the next week.

This doesn’t mean we are pulling away from Akash in anyway, actually quite the opposite. We intend to continue building value within the Akash ecosystem by deploying our own nodes to Akash, and offering migration service to our Validator colleagues. Being able to use Akash’s cloud to build a more secure, and cheaper validator deployment is an excellent showcase for Akash’s real world use case, and a great opportunity to cross-pollinate the ecosystem(s).

Chandra Station is currently hiring developers to join our migration and deployment team. It is expected that applicants have a background in deploying applications to Akash, and work remotely. Please reach out through our website or email if you’re interested in exploring this opportunity.

  • Akash + Skynet Partnership
  • Akash Network Proposals
  • Osmosis on Akash
  • Unstoppable Live Stream (Osmosis)
  • Akashlytics Deploy Tool Demo
  • Global Defi Summit
  • AKT listed on Osmosis
  • Akash Network Deployment ATH
  • Sentinel Ambassador Program
  • Monetized Sentinel dVPN Node
  • Sentinel dVPN Router
  • Sentinel listed on Osmosis
  • Handy Host dWEB Control Panel
  • First DEX on the Cosmos Ecosystem
  • 76 Million Dollars in TVL

Akash + Skynet Partnership-

The Akash Network provides decentralized compute, and Skynet through its underlying Sia network provides decentralized storage. By bringing together the compute and storage layers, developers can host their applications on a fully decentralized cloud. The developer communities also benefit from the network effect; as more users and developers switch to a decentralized architecture, more contributions are made to these open source projects.

Interested in learning more about a full decentralized stack? Check out the full blog post @

Akash Network Proposals-

Inflation update:

Inflation Rate Change: from 24% to 100%
Inflation Max: from 53% to 40%
Inflation Min: from 41% to 25%

Validator Increase:

Proposal to increase max validator cap from 64 to 75

Osmosis on Akash-

Osmosis is hosted on Akash… Need I say more?

Unstoppable Live Stream (Osmosis)-

Recap of last weeks Osmosis launch and highlight of relevant questions about Osmosis

Akashlytics Deploy Tool Demo-


Global Defi Summit-

AKT listed on Osmosis-

Akash’s first listing on a decentralized exchange! Swap any IBC enabled Cosmos asset for Akash at

More information available on the official Akash blogpost

Akash Network Deployment ATH-

Deployment metrics are breaking records everyday

Notable highlights as of 6/29/2021

Sentinel Ambassador Program-

Monetized Sentinel dVPN Node-

Pay for bandwidth on a truly decentralized VPN or earn rewards by hosting your own node. Guide can be found here

Sentinel dVPN Router-

Become a “bandwidth miner” by hosting your own dVPN Node on an Indigitus VPN Router. Earn DVPN and monetize your bandwidth.

Sentinel Listed On Osmosis-

Sentinel on the Osmosis decentralized exchange! Swap any IBC enabled Cosmos asset for DVPN at

Handy Host dWeb Control Panel-

First DEX on the Cosmos Ecosystem-

Swap any IBC enabled Cosmos SDK asset on the Osmosis DEX

76 Million TVL-

In 10 days Osmosis has reached 76 million dollars in total value locked!

Largest Pools:

1.ATOM <> OSMO-$22,079,603



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