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Recently certain members of the $FLUX community have been spreading FUD on twitter about the Akash Network. We will go over their claims and unequivocally prove what they have to say is false. Hopefully this section of Moon View will serve as an educational piece for anyone who wants to spread any FUD in the future.


Their are 64 active validators. The amount of validators could increase over time if a proposal is made and voted on by the community.

Active validators-
Current Proposal to Increase Active Validators-

Akash has a partnership with Equinix Metal. Anybody can dedicate compute to the cloud compute marketplace and become a provider on the Akash Network.

Documentation to become a provider-


Any one, anywhere in the world, can become an Akash provider and dedicate compute to the cloud. Currently Akash has servers provisioning cloud compute all over the world.

Node Operator Earning:

Validator node operators charge a commission. Each operator sets their own preferred percentage for commission. Forbole, ranked #1 in voting power percentage, charges 1.5% in commission. With 18,187,754 delegated Forbole earns ~$8,500 per week.

Cloud compute providers must bid on deployments. As someone who wants to deploy something to the Akash Network you can specify how much AKT you would like to spend on your deployment and providers will match your bid.

Node Control:

Anybody can become a validator on the Akash Network. Anybody can provide compute to the cloud compute marketplace.

App Launch Language:

Any application containerized through Docker can run on the Akash Net. Deployments are written in SDL.

Dapps LIVE:

There are 72 active deployments on Akash and 5,942 all time deploymets as of 6/12/2021. Source: (Made by Maxime Beauchamp Some of the people spreading FUD believed that deployment numbers were manipulated. Many of our delegators have created some amazing tools the Akash network community uses on a daily basis and they have no direct relationship with Akash.


The Akash distribution chart showcases how the Team & Advisors are in control of 6.8% of the total token supply. 74.9% of the token supply is being rewarded to people who stake there AKT.

*Image used by the $Flux community on Twitter


The public sale amount was only .4% of the available supply. While it is true that some vesting accounts will begin unlocking in September the supposed 15x increase will only account for 6% of the total token supply.

Fertitta Entertainment

Fertitta Entertainment will be deploying their own Validator Node. In addition to validating blocks on the Akash Network they are also looking at migrating some of their current cloud compute deployments to Akash.

Akash Website Redesign

The website upgrade was helped in part by The website is also deployed to the Akash Network.

BHEX Listing

HomieEx Listing

Akash was listed in the top 3 decentralized cloud solutions. The article also touches on cloud compute networks interoperability, scalability and reward mechanisms.

Deploy UI Challenge

As part of the Sovrython Hackathon Akash has incentivized a friendly competition to create a deployment UI. There is a $100,000 prize bounty paid in Akash for the winner.

Sifchain on Akash

(credit: FishyMoves on twitter)

Osmosis AKT/ATOM Pair

*Osmosis launch date postponed June 19


Listen to the new @priv8podcast episode on the future of #Web3, overcoming the challenges of distributed networks, and the impact of AI, with @gregosuri, founder and CEO of @akashnet.

Defi Summit

CEO @gregosuri & CTO @abozanich will be presenting at @defi_summit next week. They will share a live demo and discuss how Akash is building the world’s first decentralized open-source cloud.

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