Bi-weekly Akash News Source May 15th — June 1st

  • Active Deployments

Active Deployments-

A highlight of performance indicators for the Akash Network since the launch of Mainnet 2. Currently, at time of publishing, there are 56 active deployments and 4,892 deployments in total.

Base Layer W/ David Nage-

The Unstoppable Livestream: Exiledsurfer and Greg Osuri-

Join Exiled Surfer producer of Sovrynbtc’s upcoming hackathon along with CEO of Akash Greg Osuri

Sovrython Hackathon-

Official Akash Hackathon-

Fill out the questionnaire, answer questions about what challenges you would like to see for the official Akash Hackathon and you’ll be entered into a drawing for some sweet Akash swag!

Tier 1 Listing-

Bittrex AMA w/ Akash CEO Greg Osuri.

Deploy a Solana Node on Akash Competition-

Deploy a Solana Node on the Akash Network and write a guide about the process to enter for a chance to win 1,000 AKT.

Akash Workshop for Solana Season Hackathon-

Akashian Community Stats Highlight-

Highlight of some of the amazing Akash Community stats.

DEFI TIMES — What Is Akash-

Akash + Helium Partnership-

Akash has been selected to provide the 1st decentralized & open-source cloud solution for the Helium Network, the largest P2P wireless internet-of-things (IoT) network.

Faces of Crypto-

Strawberry Moon Giveaway🍓🌕-

Strawberry Moon Giveaway is live!
Steps to enter:
1) Follow
@akashnet_ & @ChandraStation
2) Retweet this tweet
3) Delegate 50 AKT
4) Include your twitter handle in the memo of the delegation transaction
Ending June 24th 18:40 UTC
Prize: 100 AKT
You will need to make a nonce delegation (.1 AKT) to Chandra Station and include your twitter handle in the memo of the transaction to be eligible for the Strawberry Moon Giveaway.
The referral system used in previous giveaways is discontinued and will not be included in the Strawberry Moon Giveaway.

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