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  • Chandra Station|Sentinel

Chandra Station|Sentinel-

We are proud to announce Chandra Station is currently validating on the Sentinel Network and hope to have it deployed to Akash in the near future. We are, at our base, an Akash Validator Node and will continue our efforts in providing value to the Akash community. Stay tuned for a in depth Medium blogpost about our Sentinel node.

Validator Address: sentvaloper1lxh0u07haj646pt9e0l2l4qc3d8htfx543ss9m

Block Explorer:

You can delegate to the Sentinel Chandra Station Node on Cosmostation & Keplr Wallet.

Akash Delegation-

Validators perform the vital role of governance within the Akash (and many other) ecosystem(s). While governance is certainly the primary function of a validator, at Chandra we see it as just the start of our role. As a result of our growth, community engagement, deployments, and more; the Akash foundation has made a significant delegation to us. We are so proud to achieve this after just a few months of hard work, and are encouraged to work even further to build an engaged and interactive delegator community within the Akash ecosystem. This could never have happened without the support from our delegators, and for that we thank you.


Helium on Akash- Chandra Station deployed a fully functioning Helium Testnet Validator Node to the Akash Network.

Discord Price Bot- Chandra Station’s discord has a price bot that follows the price of AKT. It is updated every 60 seconds using the Coin Gecko API and is deployed to the Akash Network

Sentinel on Akash- (pending)

Moon View:

Your one stop news source for everything Akash. Going on our fourth volume we’ve covered everything from IBC going live on the Akash Net to the overloaded Akash Craft Minecraft server. Your one truly unbiased and transparent source of information.

Full Moon Giveaways:

We are truly grateful for everyone who selects Chandra Station as their validator on the Akash Network. In order to show our gratitude Chandra Station gives away 100 AKT on the Full Moon of every month.


We are always growing, looking for ways to improve and above all we will always act with positive intent and transparency in order to better provide for the community as a whole. We would like to thank the Akash Network for their generous delegation of 300,000 AKT and we would like to thank all of our delegators for helping us build a community of fellow Akashians who look to the moon in awe of its beauty🌙

Defi Summit June 14th-18th-

Catch Akash CEO @gregosuri at the Defi Summit with @unstoppableweb & @deeper_network on the future of #dweb. Reserve your virtual seat at

Chandra Station Akash Discord Price Bot-

Chandra Station deployed a discord price bot on the Akash Network

Here’s the github link 🤓

Here’s a blog post about it

Akash Developer Rank-

Akash Craft Scavenger Hunt-

After the overloaded servers of the last launch Moth Ruby and Akash Devs performed a stress test and the server is ready for launch! Launch date pending!

Cloud Compute Competitor Evaluation-

Akashlytics Updates-

Made by Maxime Beauchamp

Feel free to donate to this Akashian for his efforts on this really cool deployment.

Here’s his wallet address: akash13265twfqejnma6cc93rw5dxk4cldyz2zyy8cdm

Akash/Chandra Station Meme Competition-

Chandra Favorites-

Voting closes May 14th 21:00
These are not the winning memes just some of the Chandra team’s favorites

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