I will detail in full below, but for those of you who want a short form update: TL;DR Chandra has decided to amend proposal #9 to support a committee driven multi-sig wallet for LARGE deployment funding requests ($10,000+). …

Chandra Station Updates-

We have officially launched our dev shop. Initially, Chandra Station will provide validator hosting and Akash Deployment specific services. Contact us by filling the short form below and we will get back to you ASAP!


How to deploy a Video Coin Worker on the Akash Network


Video Coin is a live streaming service. By deploying a Video Coin worker you can delegate processing power to the video coin network for live streamers to use. By using your delegated processing power you receive payment in return. Deploying your Video Coin worker to Akash can increases your profit margins by 4x-6x. (results may vary)

Step 1: Collect the environment variables

Client ID-

Sign up for an account on https://console.videocoin.network/sign-up.
Once signed in navigate to the Workers tab.

Chandra Station Updates-

Since our last update, we have joined two new validator ecosystems, Osmosis and Sentinel (DVPN).

We believe that osmosis will continue to grow and fulfill the important role of giving individuals an IBC enabled DEX. We’ve already seen an astonishing volume increase across the board, and near 9 figures in TVL for liquidity in less than 2 weeks. Restricted residents finally have access to digital assets that they haven’t had before. …

This is a multi Stage deployment guide with the aim of providing users the information to deploy and maintain a Solana Validator Node on the Akash Network with minimal friction and deployment knowledge.

  • Stage 1 consists of deploying an Ubuntu image to Akash. Think of it as a normal EC2 AWS Ubuntu instance you can install software and run commands on.
  • Stage 2 is the process of running a Solana Validator Node on that Ubuntu instance we deployed to Akash in Stage 1.

Stage 1-

Ubuntu on Akash
(Credit- CoffeeRoaster4435)

Setup an “ssh” Ubuntu…

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  • Akash/Chandra Station Meme Competition

Deploy a Discord crypto side bar bot on Akash



These Python scripts can run Discord bots that pull live data at intervals and display it on the sidebar of a Discord guild (i.e. server).

  • Cryptocurrency price data (in USD, BTC, and/or ETH) from Coingecko API

Cryptocurrency Price Bot

Cache the cryptocurrency ticker list from Coincegko by generating a crypto_cache.json file.

python crypto_cache.py -v


The provided Dockerfile is configured to run a price bot with the ticker AKT You must configure the crypto_config.yaml with your unique Discord bot key and (non-unique) Guild ID and insert your prefered ticker (AKT)


Chandra Station

By the community for the community

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